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2 days

2 days till hawaii! i started packing, and i came to a realization, and this may be the only time i ever say it: i don't think i need anymore clothes, i'm bringing like 10 skirts and 50 shirts! - there, 1st and last time i'll EVER say that.
On another note, i've been coughing like mad, so i'm going to see the doctor tomorrow. yayyy. i went shopping with maya before school today and got a pretty skirt, and now i haven o money leftt. i just had yummy pasta, and earlier i had sushi with elisa, melody and dani, and then bigg chill with lu and stephi (who's leaving tomrrow :() Wow, this day had been centered around food and clothes, and this is by far my longest post everr. i'm going to go now. ok, no, really. yes. byee :)
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