Nikki (nikkisoxrok) wrote,

what a weekend

i think it is safe to say that i have had one of the best weekends of my life. friday was awesome - totally missed the volleyball game, but dani and i went to the grove shortly afterwards, and as we were totally being hit on by a cute guy, rebecca, doreen, jason V. and tal ran up to us screaming. byebye hot boy - but fun times were had by all!
saturday was filled with fun. me and my posse hit the streets of old pasadena where we were urged to try someone's nuts, we ate the most amazing fro-yo with jenna;s lover, christina, and we went shoppiong and ate too much food! then we hit a pool party, went to dinner, and hit up another party and had some wild, crazy, excelllent adventures. this about sums up my weekend, and can i quote jenna, that i would would not trade my friends for the world. i love u all and i'll miss u more than u will ever know ~~ junior 9!
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